Chartered Physiotherapists

"Message from Steven and Hélène Evans:
It is with regret we have now closed our clinic of nearly 23 years.
This is due to Steven and Hélène taking early retirement and moving to the Dorset coast.
On a personal note it has been a privilege to serve our wonderful community here in Camberley and surrounding areas.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those patients who trusted us with their bodies!"

Our colleagues at Avenue Physio are all practicing either locally or nearby.

Pia Barrass and Karen Brown are joining forces in a new clinic in Lightwater: 13 Mount Pleasant Close, GU18 5TP. Please email either or Karen on or telephone mobile 07306 072843 to get in touch. Pia also works in Hartley Witney at The Body Reset Clinic 01252 843203

Alan Mowatt is still working at Backtogether Physiotherapy on 01428 331865

Camberley Physiotherapy Clinic at Upper Gordon Road G.P. Surgery are another excellent local provider with a good mix of mature therapists who we know are happy to help. is still live if you need to get in touch.